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Auditing - Backgate Standards

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The objectives of an internal quality audit is the measurement of the effectiveness of an organization's quality management system, by establishing and maintaining a system regarding quality policy, goals, resources, processes and effective performance - including monitoring and measuring the system's effectiveness and efficiency.

We offer a comprehensive internal audit support package for customers related to
⦁ Non availability of auditors
⦁ Lack of time and resources to conduct and analyse audit.
⦁ As independent auditor
⦁ Looking for value added audits for continual improvement

At Backgate Standards, our qualified auditors will plan an internal audit program for our customers, conduct the required audits on your behalf and prepare a detailed audit reports, non-conformity reports and also provide recommendation on system changes and improvements as follow-up on outstanding actions

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It is the measurement of the effectiveness of an organization’s quality management system.