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Certification - Backgate Standards

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Process to Certification

1. Detailed Proposal

Firstly, complete our form to give us an understanding of your business requirements and desired time scales to achieve certification. After a discussion with key members, we will present to you with an individually tailored proposal, covering the investment required to obtain your ISO certification.

2. Steps to Certification

Obtain a full copy of the relevant ISO Standard documentation and review your requirements. Assemble your team, review the training courses and help you define your strategy. Develop and implement your management system (policies, procedures and controls). You are now ready to start the assessment process for your management system.

3. Pre-Assessment

Pre-¬assessment is an early opportunity to review your management system against the requirements of the relevant ISO standards (s). Our assessor will conduct a gap—analysis and provide you with a full report of the areas to address before the formal assessment begins. After each stage, our assessor with prepare and deliver a comprehensive written assessment report detailing the findings of the assessment.

4. Stage One Assessment

This initial assessment determines if the mandatory requirements of the standard are being met and whether the management system is capable of proceeding to stage two. Non-¬conformities identified by our assessor will need to be addressed by your organisation. At the end of your stage one assessment, all areas should be compliant with requirements of the relevant ISO standard(s) and allow progression to stage two.

5. Stage Two Assessment

The stage two assessment determines the effectiveness of your management system, and seeks to confirm that your management system controls have been implemented and is fully operational. If your assessor is satisfied that your organisation is fully compliant with the relevant ISO standard(s), we will recommend your organisation for certification

6. Certification Decision

At this point in the process our assessor reviews any corrective actions taken to address findings raised in stage one and two. On successful completion of stages one and two, your assessor will make a recommendation for certification. The Certification Manager will review your file to ensure that the recommendation is made in an impartial, fair and competent manner.

7. Certification Presentation

Once ISO certification is achieved, your organisation will be issued with a certification from certification body. You will also be provided with relevant logos (stickers and electronic versions) and an online digitally-¬signed version of your certificate.

8. Continuous Assessments

Your organisation is required to submit the management system for review post certification via the continuous assessment process from time to time as per the requirement.

certification process