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Standards - Backgate Standards

We provide solutions. All our work is focused around the client's needs.

Backgate Standards are able to offer straight talking advice to assist you in achieving certification to your chosen ISO standard. We take the view that the system we create together will be your system to implement, therefore we work very closely with you to ensure the management system is written in accordance with your operational requirements. It is your system and only you can implement it, failure to follow this model will only end in failure at certification time. Our consultant will be on hand to assist you in the interpretation of the standards, coach you in the production/development of processes and procedures, train you in the implementation of the management systems, train internal auditors and carry out internal audits at the appropriate time. You will be required to commit the resources to writing of your policies and procedures, ensuring personnel are implementing these policies, appropriate personnel are trained and internal audits are completed. We will also be up front with the resources required to achieve your goal.

We cover the following systems;

⦁ Quality – ISO 9001

⦁ Environmental – ISO 14001

⦁ Health & Safety – ISO 45001

⦁ Anti- Bribery Management System Certification – ISO 37001

Our Services are Specialised on 

⦁ Road, Land and Sea Transport Management

⦁ Warehousing and Storage

⦁ Freight Forwarding

⦁ Manufacturing

1. ISO 9001 Certification Consultancy
2. ISO Awareness Training
3. Total Quality Managment (TQM)
4. Total Preventive & Productive Maintenance (TPM)
5. 7 QC Tools, 7 New QC Tools
6. KAIZEN Training and Set up
7. 6 Sigma Training
8. Customer Requested Training Programs
  • 1. OHSAS 18001 Certification Consultancy & Awareness Training
  • 2. Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 Management & Auditing Skills
  • 3. 5S and Kaizen
  • 4. Fire Safety, First Aid & CPR Training
  • 5. Forklift and Reach Truck Driving Safety
  • 6. Workplace Ergonomics
  • 7. HIRARC – Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control
  • 8. Customer Requested Training Programs
  • 1. EMS ISO 14001 Certification Consultancy & Awareness Training
  • 2. ISO 14001 Aspect & Impact Analysis
  • 3. Pollution Prevention Techniques
  • 4. Waste Water Treatment Training
  • 5. Scheduled Waste Management
  • 6. Legal Requirements of (EQA 1974)
  • 7. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) for Food Industry
  • 8. Customer Requested Training Programs

Internal Auditing Training

Manufacturing Audit Process Training

Product Audit Training

Effective Cost Reduction and Training

Effective Document Control Training

Effective Logistics and Warehouse Training

Effective Inventory Management Training

Improving Organization Performance

Implementing Effective Total Quality Management (TQM)

Six Sigma Awareness Training

DMAIC Training

Lean Manufacturing Training

Change Management

7 QC Tools

Anti-bribery and corruption will help the organization to address the spectrum of corruption challenges across in the world. As we know, an allegation of corrupt practices is one of the fastest ways a company can be tarnish and cause damage and reputations. A good reputation takes years to build and just minutes to lose. A recent survey found that 24% of global companies report having been victimized by bribery or corruption. Despite attempts to foster a culture of ethics and compliance, business leaders find themselves up against constant risks and hazards: bribes, kickbacks and various third party corruption. Around the world, regulators and enforcement agencies are attempting to tackle corruption, and expanding the rules and regulations. And while regulators’ expectations of proactive and robust anti-bribery and corruption programs are increasing, so are the penalties for non-compliance.

Bribery is one of the major risks faced by all types of organizations, regardless of their size or nature of business, whether in the private or public Sector. It often results in loss of customers’ confidence, negative image and subsequently may lead to the closure of organizations.

ISO 37001 is designed to guide organization to prevent, detect, respond to bribery and to comply with laws, regulations, and other voluntarily commitments. It also provides the requirements and guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an anti-bribery management system. It is a generic standard, which can be applied by organizations of any size operating in any sector whether independently or integrated into, an overall management system.